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Welcome to the Owocmix

Company Owocmix Ltd has a long tradition in the field of fruit and vegetable market. We are situated in Granice, near Opole Lubelskie, Lublin voivodeship.

Our region is rich in soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, cherry-trees and apples as well.
Company deals with buying, sorting, cooling and freezing, selling fruits of higher quality only.
Immediate transport of raw-material secure proper condition, smell and taste of fruits what brings full satisfaction to our customers with high quality of our products.

Our suppliers are farmers and production groups, what quarantee the highest quality of raw-material, which meet all European standards and requirements.
We deliver our products to our partners from EU as well as Eastern countries, mainly Russia and Bielorus.
Company Owocmix undertakes all necessary measures to meet even individual quality requirements of our clients.
We offer reciprocal benefit cooperation to all our customers.

Our offer


Apples offered with colour, size, shape typical for each variety. Sizes of the fruits: 65+, 70+, 75+ mm, packed in cartons a 13 kg netto.

  • Champion
  • Gloster
  • Idared
  • Golden
  • Delicious
  • Jonagold
  • Jonagored

Raspberries – precooled - frozen

  • frozen class EXTRA , cartons 4x2,5 kg netto
  • frozen semi-product , cartons 1x10 kg netto
  • frozen semi-product, paper bags a 25 kg netto
  • frozen, class II
  • precooled in bulk
  • precooled in barrels
  • fresh in boxes


Strawberries frozen precooled, fresh.

  • frozen uncalibrated, class II, in paper bags a 25 kg netto
  • frozen uncalibrated, class II, cartons 1 x 10 kg netto
  • frozen with stalks, washed, in paper bags a 25 kg netto
  • frozen without stalks, washed, in metal barrels a 180 kg netto
  • precooled without stalks, in bulk
  • precooled with stalks, not washed, in boxes
  • fresh without stalks in boxes
  • fresh with stalks in boxes


  • precooled in bulk
  • fresh in boxes



  • precooled
  • frozen
Chinese cabbage


  • fresh precooled
  • frozen



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